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Tinashe Sleeping With Her Label Exec, Lil Mo Relations With NFL Player While Married, Brandy Did Coke With Whitney Houston +MORE!!!

Just got a tip in from an insider who works with a bunch of different artists.. Over the last few days she been spillin the tea on everyone she worked with… here’s the latest bit

So I mess with different industry people and get to meet a lot of R&B singers and rappers. I saw that we have been having tea threads so i thought i would give a little R&B info

She wants out of RCA very badly but she can’t go. She is sleeping with an executive at the label, thats why even though she’s selling 4k a week she gets on a Brittney Spears song. She did try sleeping with Calvin Harris for tracks. Her team is trying to push her to hang with Kylie/Hailey and think she can be a social celeb. The girl is so lost, she is being used in the industry its sad. Even sleeping with future raw. They had a track that RCA wouldn’t let get released and Futures camp thought it was a bad look.

Tamar Braxton:
Very nasty behind the scenes. Only likes to have gay men around so Vincent cant cheat on her. And hit her if she says something. Her mom knows about the abuse, but she blames Tamar’s mouth. SAD situation.

Lil Mo:
Has threesomes with her husband, but not with another woman they prefer dark skin men. Currently sleeping with an active NFL player.

If you want to know anybodies business you go to her. She is the entire church gossip crew in one body. Mo is what i would describe as nice nasty. The Brandy beef stems from Monica talking about Brandy “using” with Whitney. Mo used to go around and say that Brandy was the reason that Whitney started using again after sparkle was filmed.

Likes to dabble in white powder.

  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    Wow! That would explain the note that Brandy got from Whitney during that strange interview…..smh! I knew Ray J and Brandy were behind her death anyway, smh….Damn…Rest In Paradise Whitney Houston, The Greatest Singer of All Time aka THE VOICE??.