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TG Exclusive: Soulja Boy Just Released From Jail, He On Twitter Calling Out Yachty, Quavo, And Nia Riley … Claims QUAVO SNITCHED HIM OUT!!! (We Have The DELETED Tweets!!!)

TheGutta.com reporting this first….He just deleted a bunch of tweets, but we got em for you where he callin out lil yachty, Quavo, and Nia Riley…

  • Randall El

    Just quit posting pictures with the guns and you will be alright
    -Souja lawyer voice.

  • big homie number one

    first day out… he ain’t built for shit… these are the types of dudes ya’ll hang with… caught a gun charge…then out the next day? sus… and ” I don’t ever wanna go back ” then shut the fuck up cause you ain’t built for shit..

  • Kay Sslay

    This faggot a snitch


    First day out pussy you were in for 11 hrs …. how’d they snitch on you if you made videos holding a gun and threatening Ppl you Fuck boy

  • queenb123

    They act like his probabtion officer don’t watch him over the internet too? he stupid

  • Apah3

    Stupid mf’er

  • Mr Hall

    Another dumb ass New Nigga