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Soulja Boy Pulls Out GUNS…Texted Quavo His Address …Threatens To KILL Quavo!!! (VIDEO)

Soulja Boy just took sh*t to a whole new level – He just uploaded a video to instagram claiming to have given out his address to Quavo begging the n*gga to roll up…

In the short clip, Soulja Boy can be seen waving around 2 hand guns threatening Quavo life saying that he texted him his address and he never showed up… sh*t starting to heat up, peep the vid.


    Nigga at home wearing all that jewelry. You a walking nigger rich L

  • blockburna

    Souljah boy on that shit hard

  • Miguel_angel


  • 107hoovaokc

    Stay off that Shit lil homie real Shit cuz

  • Nana 21

    Soulja always make me laugh.

  • James

    Little man need to put that bird up b4 it gets shoot lmao , he just so soft I can’t take him serious

  • GoDawgs98

    His daughter made him that purple gun in school for Father’s Day.

  • Kay Sslay

    Fake thug faggot kill your self

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