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Nicki Minaj Taunts Homeless Mentally Ill Woman On The Street (VIDEO)

Rapper Nicki Minaj has found herself in hot water for posting a video to her instagram mocking a woman on the street….

The problem is, this woman suffers from a mental illness and now everyone is up in arms about it.

Clearly the woman is a f*cking degenerate herp and should be made a fool of accordingly. Nicki keep doing what you do; f*ck the mainstream media.


A video posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

  • 4of5804

    Thats what we get as americans for putting bafoons like her and kanye west on a pedestal…..our society is obsessed woth celebrity no matter how ignorant they may be thats how a total retard like trump became president.

  • kingbatman1981

    Trump Dump

  • RealWhiteBoy

    That voice makes me want to just slam all her teeth out in 1 punch

  • Zachary Berg

    Asshole dumbfuck, people that like/follow this whore and kanye west didnt vote for donald trump. U stupid or retarded? Or both?

  • RECK538

    Bitch had nothing better to do

  • Mr. Social Anxiety III

    She’s a bitch for recording it…..? fuckin lame.

  • Mr. Social Anxiety III

    This world is lame

  • 0fucksgiven

    Fuck that fake ass hoe. That Bitch ass will be touching the back of her knees in a few years.

  • Tee

    How the f*** is she taunting her? You people believe everything you read its sad. Im 50 cents secret daughter btw.

  • 0fucksgiven

    “leave Nikki alone!”

  • Handy Dick


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