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Lil Kim Shows Off Latest SKIN BLEACHING JOB …We Fell Out Our Chair!!! (PICS +VIDEO)

Lil Kim posed with her friends Yandy and Kimbella from Love & Hip Hop. Take a look at what all them years of bleaching done to her skin! Don’t say it’s the lighting either, cuz the other chick still black.


Lil Kim dancin around lookin stupid as hell!

  • She look like a lifetime movie network version of White Chicks…

  • …STR8UP…


  • jitsu35

    Big rolling around in his grave like what the fuck


    Fuck!!!! This bitch done fell way tf off ol football helmet head having hoe

  • PounderHarder

    She look like she havin a allergic reaction to somethin.. wtf ?

  • big homie number one

    like a fat puffer fish… outta water..

  • Young Og… Da troll Killa

    Bitch luh like a monster smh

  • Young Og… Da troll Killa


  • Joseph

    Bitch looks like Tiny

  • GreensBeansPotatoesTomatos

    Nah Tiny looks better ?

  • Big Spoon

    This old weekend at Bernies lookin bitch lol

  • KingSirus

    At least Mike had white hands to go with his white face

  • dJumpman Unchained

    Told that bitch, you motherfuckin white

  • JP

    That thot ugly as hell

  • twogunzz

    withe chicks

  • Ze Mog

    Damn… she got Michael Jackson Syndrome


    Wow. Sad.

  • kingmedope

    Her hands still dark tho, and her face don’t move ?

  • Oxx Sama

    All three of them Hœs smacked.

  • 420rellyrell

    She didn’t have enough to bleach her hands her face look like memoir of agesha


    She wearing gloves? ???

  • Jerry Juiceman Henderson


  • Member Berries

    BossBitches Lol hoes make me laugh,

  • Hey Kira ?

    Smh,either her concealer is way too bright or she left in the middle of her bleaching. Her hands aren’t the same color as her face ?


    What a shame

  • King mullah

    U motherfuckin right she ugly


    Dam now you gotta call her Lill Kimberly…

  • rodofiron platinum

    guess she the new Michael Jackson

  • Carlos Alvarenga

    so sad….

  • 0fucksgiven

    The self hatred is real.

  • damn she looks fucked up lmaoooooo like a brats doll deformed

  • Shuan Puffie

    Poor girl her face is white and her body is black as hell? Bad decision

  • Shuan Puffie

    Wtf now on love hip hop yandy fell out with that chick now I know that shit is fake

  • Robert

    Wtf is that!?!?

  • VsNutz

    That was scary as fuck

  • SecretFarmer

    At this point she ain’t Lil Kim. She’s what was reincarnated when Lil Kim died. She needs to leave the entertainment scene all together now!

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