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Kim K CREEPING On Kanye With POPULAR NFL PLAYER!!! … Find Out WHO!!! (Kanye Gonna Hang Himself)

According to the popular website barstoolsports, Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian has been “seeking comfort” from Oakland Raiders star punter Marquette King.

Here is what they are reporting:

Rumors have surfaced that as her marriage to Kanye West possibly dissolves, Kim Kardashian has turned to an Oakland Raiders player for comfort, and it’s not Khalil Mack wrecking a home like it’s an opposing O-line.

Instead, it could be America’s favorite punter Marquette King.

If this is accurate, it makes King’s jab at Travis Kelce from Thursday night all the more hilarious.​​

  • Moe Lester

    She aint creepin with no punter

  • NovoxSlim

    That bitch would creep with a caterpillar if it had the right amount of money


    A punter ? God this site try’s so hard to make you click on this bullshit

  • Getoverit

    Who’s surprised? She’s rode every famous black dick there is. What more do you expect from a bitch that fucked her way to fame? This isn’t news. Next!

  • Moe Lester

    But she got money tho

  • NovoxSlim

    Yeah she do

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    whats ur point …

  • Shuan Puffie

    Are you freaking kidding me, dam they are right money can buy love anywhere and anybody