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TG EXCLUSIVE: Kim K Kanye Marriage Fake, Rob & Khloe INCEST, Scott Disick Bi, Blac Chyna Used To Have Three Ways With Kim And Khloe + TONS MORE THIS SH*T IS INSANE!!!

Im done tired of these bitches.

Was thotting around LA when she was 15. Messed with really big people including Di3dy.
Paris used to set her up with these men so she could make some extra cash.

Used to mess with [email protected] Was trying to get him to leave “her friend” lala.

She still escorts for the right kind of money. She has many wealthy arab “friends”

Her marriage with [email protected] was always fake. They would go weeks without seeing each other. [email protected] hates her, he would dog her out anytime they went out. Before you ask no I don’t know who is messing with Kayne. I don’t really know much about kayne because he was never around.

She was still messing with Reggie not long ago.

Has a certain incurable STD.

[email protected] was trying to beat her ass on multiple occasions.


was fucking half of the industry by the time she turned 16, messed with some married NBA player and a few rappers. Tried to mess with [email protected] on the low.

Was a mess before Lamar. She used to mess with half the black men in Hollywood, married or not. Everyone knew how loose and easy she was. Was always a hard core coke addict and still is. She has a rich white sponsor who paid for her surgery.

She and Lamar were never trying to get pregnant, he had a vasectomy. Lamar didnt do coke or heroin until after his marriage with Khloe.

Her desperation for future is sad. No matter how many nudes she sends he don’t want that:( she was sending him nudes throughout her marriage with lamar. Was also cheating on Lamar with many men, including one former team mate. Their marriage also had a contract in place so was it really ever a marriage to begins with?

Was messing with Kims first husband with kims knowledge. Was kicked out of her first university for coke possession. Her dad got her out of the trouble so it wouldn’t be on her record. She’s also sold her snatch.


Has already attempted suicide once. He’s bi and used to have threesomes with kourt and other men.

Gay, a very big bitch who most designers no longer want to work with. Her relationships like her sisters are PR. She’s straight when she needs a job. She got her VS job because she a social media star but it didnt hurt her she banged one of the execs 🙂 She always has coke if you want some.

Original Thot Kri$
She and Nicole would thot together with wealthy men until Nicole snagged OJ. They would have 3 ways all the time. She’s sold her own snatch for deals for her daughters.


They all knew this men liked to cross dress. Especially Kris. She never said anything and he never said anything about her cheating. They used to have fun with strap ons. He has also sold himself for deals.


She used to have threesomes with Kim and with Khloe on separate occasions. Now theyre dogging her out?

Relationship with Chyn@ is not real. He has a coke addiction. Family isn’t really interested in helping him either. He and Khloe have had a borderline incest relationship.

These women are evil.

  • JP

    Facts but you didnt mention robs moobs complex.

  • Yung Slime

    i swear this website is sus , bruh who exposes niggas n put that shit on twitter too? I was finna follow them until i saw that gay shit. Like the girls they try to expose to aint even real nudes, like they spam on the comment section on worldstar but they didnt mention that gay shit on here.

  • Randall El

    I like the regular site. The twitter was extra gay. Haven’t been back to the twitter.

  • Yung Slime


  • Treal Hero




  • Maurice

    Kylie was a Lil ugly thing when she was 16 so I doubt she was fucking on big people …this is bogus, gutta don’t get thirsty and make shit up. Put new albums up THE DAY of their release will help a lot with getting traffic….they need to hire me lmao I’ll get you attention if that’s what you think u want

  • Banished these bitches forever…shoot them outta space with no helmet

  • LeeKingSnatch

    I don’t get the source for all this?

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    Bullshit made up stuff from the lame ass broke faggotss who run this site

  • GetMoneyGangsta



  • GetMoneyGangsta

    You’re hired.

    100$/week ?

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    Facts smh all they do is dickride worldstar n talk shit lol fuckin cornballs

  • Maurice

    Sounds good. Little part time, but I need the first weeks pay up front, to be sure I can take this serious.

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