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Kanye West First Pic Outside MENTAL Hospital … And Dude Lookin Like Wesley Snipes In Demolition Man (He Looks SEVERELY ILL!!)

Kanye West had a mental break down days ago as we reported here and he’s now out of the hospital …

The first picture post hospital of Kanye shows him looking COMPLETELY detached from reality… He doesn’t look healthy at all! With the announcement that Kim is divorcing him, we fear this could be what pushes Kanye over the edge. Could this really be the END for Kanye West?

  • G S

    He looks ok to me

  • Ze Mog

    Illuminati fucks pumped him full of drugs.. gave him a lobotomy probably

  • Ghost

    Ain’t nothing with this nigga, he just need to divorce that whole fucking family and get back to making music and quit being a little bitch

  • Custom trip

    Game gonna kill this actor……

  • Theodore Tucker

    The Kardashian curse is real

  • Nickybaby773

    looking like one of the golden lords in meteror man

  • ??

  • Penus Helmetpincher

    Man I hope this is the end of him, hopefully he just kills himself too. FOH

  • LeeKingSnatch

    He’s realizing without Kim’s money now he really broke like broke broke and in debt up his Ass