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Jagged Edge Member ARRESTED For Trying To Stab His Son With A BUTCHER KNIFE!!!

Kyle Norman of the 2000s R&B group Jagged Edge was arrested earlier this month, for attempting to stab his son.
The alleged incident occurred after an altercation that took place in his family’s home. The report adds that he had to be restrained by a family member from beating his son as well.

According to the report, Kyle’s wife, Merrika woke up when she heard her husband and his son fighting early that morning. She then called the police as a cousin who was present restrained Norman from attempting to beat his son, but he eventually was able to follow his son to the living room and punched a wall as he approached him.

Norman is currently facing a 15-month probation for the 2015 assault on his wife, where he shoved an engagement ring down her throat.

  • Fuckyall13

    Sound like a gangster 2 me! Should of beat the shit out that Lil nigga!

  • kingmedope

    One word “Unsung”

  • LALiving

    I just hope that butcher knife didn’t have a jagged edge.

  • Bryant P

    I thought this was Baron Davis ?