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Fetty Wap Layin In BED With NEW GIRLFRIEND!!! She Hot Or Nah?

The blonde is Fetty Waps new girlfriend. Check out the toilet paper on the nightstand for easy clean up! Word is, he picked her up on backpage


  • Van “Blacklash” Jones

    She’s good for blow jobs and rimming.

  • PimpHandStrong

    Bitch not

  • PoweredByLight

    She was mad when she first saw him. She was like, “I said no black men” then she realized it was Fetty. She was with a Black Man that night.

  • Fuck OVO

    nigga can’t see. He dont know no better.

  • Eman

    He must have used his non good eye when he found her

  • Pietrot Maximof

    Hahahaha you’re going to hell for that one

  • jesse james jr

    Who tf took the pic?

  • Oxx Sama


  • Javier Camuy

    At least he can take the fucking toilet paper out of there lmao

  • LALiving

    “Close your eye, baby. I have a surprise for you.”

  • 0fucksgiven

    Ray Charles see better than that nigga. That’s a garbage ass bitch.

  • Shuan Puffie

    He should have stayed with malika from love and hip hop dam, at least she was true to him

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