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BOMBSHELL: Taylor Swift Had ABORTION From John Mayer, Kim Divorcing Kanye West Soon, Kendall Jenner Is Actually GAY And MORE!!! PIPING HOT TEA!

Taylor swift-
Back in H.S. she was a huge party girl. She had no friends because she was a stuck up bitch. Lol that hasn’t changed. She also did do basic drugs during her punk phase.

shes bisexual not gay. She dated Diana Agron. Has not dated karlie kloss

she actually dated John Mayer. He got her pregnant and she had an abortion because it would have ruined her image at the time (kind of feel bad about spilling that) that’s why there’s so much resentment between them.

shes bearded for Harry, Jake, tom, Taylor l…

she dated Calvin. They broke up because he’s a commitment phobe

all of her friendships are pr. Notice how none of them actually know anything about her. She has to have friends that fit social issues. She has ruby rose and cara d to fit the gay mold and not she’s reaching out to fit her minority mold since her squad has accused of being too white. Zendaya noticed this and was out.

Angelina J-was a huge trump supporter and worked behind the scenes for his campaign

i saw another font posting about Bruno M. Literally the biggest ass I have ever met. His Pr team wanted to drop him back when he was doing hard coke.

selena G-went to rehab for coke addiction. It was really really bad and I’m glad she got help. She’s a very sweet girl who wants to be taken seriously in the industry.

jennifer Law- was a very sweet down to earth girl when she was first introduced to Hollywood. She’s now completely cold. She sometimes doesn’t even look at people and let’s her bodyguard speak for her. She’s struggled with coke addiction. Her friendship with Amy S is PR. Jen is trying to get away from that sinking ship but Amy S is holding on for dear life. There was never any movie.

Jared L- huge douche. Always thought he was more important than he was. Likes very young girls(they’re legal though) not nice to fans. Suicide squad didn’t

will s-y’all know the tea about him

Kim/kayne will get divorced very soon she’s wanted it for a while. Kayne has always had bipolar disorder but came off his meds a few years ago. That entire family said nothing about getting him help or him getting on his meds the entire time

lamar o has broken free of the Ks and no longer speaks to Khloe. He’s the happiest he’s been and he’s clean.

Kendall/kylie -spoiled brats. They’re huge bitches to everyone. Kendall’s struggled with her sexuality but she’s gay. All real models hate her and they used to bully her at shows. They’d put their cigarettes out in her drink.

Riri-sweet girl. She was taken advantage of a lot during her early career. She hated most of the music she did but wanted to be a star.

i love bey but she didn’t not drop out of a star is born. She was replaced because she is not a good actress ( please stans don’t start a fight in this thread this is what happened in not hating on her)

There’s two ways to make it in this industry
1. Have connections from childhood
2. Casting couch

pedo ring is long and included many politicians. No one will ever speak about it publicly but it’s ruined lives ( Bryan Sin is involved in this ring)

this industry ruins people and it’s sad to watch

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