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21 Savage Releases Video Threatening To KILL Tyga If He Can’t Have Kylie Jenner And Kylie Responds!!! (VIDEO)

Last week Rapper 21 Savage friended Kylie Jenner on instagram and now Tyga and Savage got some MAJOR beef. 21 Savage now threatening to KILL Tyga over his obsession with Kylie Jenner…

Peep this death threat video savage made to tyga:

Kylie took sides of course and is callin 21 Savage a B*TCH!

  • Penus Helmetpincher

    I don’t understand a thing that was said / done in this video.

    Also, the Kardashian cunts are disgusting. Arabs.

  • PounderHarder

    This shit lame. Both of em.

  • KingTroll/TrollGod

    Plot twist she loving the attention n wanna see how far 21 would go to get her


    Where’s Stitches? he shotgun called that

  • Yung Slime

    lol 21 didnt threat tyga yet, those sc videos are old lol

  • Kay Sslay

    Lmfao suck a dick for a ferrari FACTSSSSS 21 U DICK SUCKiNG FAGGOT