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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Lookin Fine As Hell NEKKKID … Back When She Was Skinny (UNCEN$ORED PIC)

There was a time when Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was cute and skinny. — Those days have come and gone…
I wouldn’t normally waste my time posting about some chick from a main stream teeny bopper reality show, but I want you n*ggas out there to see what happens before a chick hit depression…
Amber Portwood a loooong time ago actually looked good… Take a peep of the nekkkit pic that leaked, back when she didn’t blind your eyes. She secksy AF….

To see the uncen$ored pic go HERE

  • Colin_Kaepernick#7

    Uhhhh is she preganant in that pic you sick fucks ?

  • Come to worldstar nigga we lit

  • Colin_Kaepernick#7

    You right fam I’m out

  • Lord Supreme

    Inbred gutter slut. Aint a damn thing hot about her.

  • Colin_Kaepernick#7

    I’m white and I approve of this message

  • marxmen55

    her pretty azz will still get piped

  • Cantarguewithscience

    Bitch hips square af

  • Shuan Puffie

    This show has made these kids rich or a little comfortable because all of them are fat as hell except for Farrah and the red head chick. Sex money drugs these kids are forever going to have problems