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Rihanna Has MAJOR Accident On Stage… They Forgot To Play Background Vocals And You Get To Hear How AWFUL Her Voice Really Is!!! (VIDEO)

Rihanna tried to get all soulful on stage and her sound people forgot to queue the pre recording!
Her voice after all these years is still terrible live.


    Damn she cant sing

  • 33Degreez

    JayZ must’ve smashed on vacation in Barbados and then found out she was underage and got blackmailed into giving this chick a record deal. That’s the only explanation I can think of as to how this chick could’ve gotten on.

  • 4of5804

    Why is anbody shocked? Her and kanye the biggest frauds in music really if you shocked by this your a trump voter…enough said!

  • Randall Savage

    That’s actually a plausible theory, cause why her outta all the fuckin sexy Barbados non-singing women he could’ve signed


    Not surprised. It’s not easy to sing above all of that noise for alot of singers especially if they haven’t prepared for it.

  • Jewel Haines

    Wow!!! Goes to show how much singers these days rely on technology to make them sound good.

  • LeeKingSnatch

    Bet she rides like a champ in the bedroom

  • Cantarguewithscience

    I’m convinced everyone in the comment section on this whole site are bots fuck this site

  • DirectSideEffect

    She sounded fine. Let’s see all the talentless people perform in front of thousands.