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Rapper TI To File For Divorce After Video Of Wife Tiny And Mayweather Surfaces!

After video surfaced online yesterday of Floyd Mayweather dancing up on TI wife Tiny, the two have decided to call it quits!
TI been unfaithful since 2005 and Tiny couldn’t take it anymore. It’s unclear if anything sexual happened between Mayweather and Tiny.
We wish both of them the best of luck for the future!

Tiny explains Mayweather Tape:

  • DixiENormous

    I’m willing to bet TI set tiny ugly ass up. He talking trash bout Mayweather, then he gets him to make her look bad. I bet it got something to do with money. Slimey ass dudes

  • White Star

    That bitch ugly anyway

  • LeeKingSnatch

    Who cares she ugly he’s only with her cause she baby mama and been around a while she take care of the kids and keep the home up bail him out and he gets to phuck hotness out on the road bye