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Precious Actress Gabourey Sidibe Has A BOYFRIEND Now … & She Gained A MASSIVE Amount Of Weight! (Pics)

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe has finally landed herself a boyfriend.
The one hit wonder actress lost a ton of weight earlier this year, then recently regained it all.
We don’t know whether to be happy for the couple or cry for the poor guy who climbs on her at night. Let’s hope he doesn’t get lost at sea!

  • big homie number one

    its fucked up some guys gotta just dive into the box and expect to come out alive…

  • Percy_Miller


  • GreensBeansPotatoesTomatos

    Y’all ain’t right.. don’t beat this young sister down, don’t be like Q ?? anyway she’s def not a one hit wonder actress, she’s been in several different movies (other than Precious) as well as on like 3 seasons of American Horror Story – and did a damned good job ! Also, I read somewhere that this is her cousin.

  • Nickybaby773

    she looks smaller on empire

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