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Floyd Mayweather Takes Shots AT TI After Releasing Video Of Him Dancing With Tiny

So @troubleman31 attempted to shade @floydmayweather on the low with his post from 18 hours ago. T.I chose to post a part of the video of his homie clowning Floyd. Well, Floyd responded back by releasing this video of him dancing on @majorgirl ??????If you remember, Tiny said she wasn’t doing anything and that @MariahCarey made her take the picture.

Video of what TI Posted:

  • Tommy_Jefferson

    lol that bitch aint shit!!!!

  • Albert pullhoes

    She’s just helping Floyd read.

  • Dang is that serious? I wouldn’t be trying to explain that to anyone.

  • 4of5804

    Lol bitches aint loyal! The lil ugly bitch like every other hoe!

  • Cantarguewithscience

    Man Wtf man she fucked her face up with all that surgery got damn she ugly af

  • Cantarguewithscience

    Bitch look like a puffer fish

  • Shuan Puffie

    This couple making to much money for this nonsense I don’t believe it