6 Year Old Crushed To Death By Falling Storage Locker … Moms Are USELESS! (VIDEO)

Only in China… One of the smartest countries in the world, yet they let dumb sh*t like this happen. A 6 year old boy was killed when a public locker fell on him. His stupid mother didn’t have enough testosterone to stop the fall. Whelp, one less chinese tech nerd we gotta worry about taking over the world.

Dat blood doe…

  • Real 1

    YO whoever wrote the caption above the video needs to be crushed next.

  • Nico James

    I agree. Whoever wrote such a disgusting insensitive me on the page of this video I hope suffers a long and painful death just like the kid killed in the video. “Dat blood doe” really?!! “At least we don’t have to worry about another tech nerd taken ove tch eWorld”?! Who on earth would praise or cheer a 6 year old getting crushed to death like this?! SMFH.

  • Nico James

    This entire post is in terrible taste and whoever write it should be ashamed for life. Disgusting.